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100% Exclusivity

I guarantee to work exclusively for you in your area, it isd my policy never to work with competing businesses.

Level 7 Google Local Guide

I have the knowledge contacts and experience to make your Google Local Business listing appear across a range of searches

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As the images below show, I get results. I can provide contacts who will confirm the success I have gained for their business.

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The best way to show my ability is against my competitors and they are all below me on Google.

I get results for my clients, no bull or blag, my focus is on earning you money increasing profitability and building long term relationships.

So many marketers talk a good game but once it kicks off they are shown up for what they really are.

I guarantee results because if I can’t help you, I won’t take your money, I’ll simply give you a few free pointers and wish you well.


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My image is page one,My website is page one, so can you be

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The graphic displays data for a florist in Glasgow, note the increases in traffic and calls plus visits.

This business saw a huge increase in an already growing result giving them a constant flow of calls and online sales. You can also benefit from this growth.

You just have to talk to me and if I can help your business I will lay it all out for you. No pressure selling just honest talk.

As a Google Local Guide Level 7, I completely understand the system and how to get your business at the top and getting results.